Friday, February 13

Is Love In The Air?

It’s been some time since the last post :) It’s been a long day… just came back from CA and at this point I just don’t feel like studying, or sleeping, or doing anything else.

Classes are not exactly that hectic yet, but I do feel busy, padding all the intervals between classes with quick naps. hehe. 3rd floor in the library. best place on earth to sleep. The other day when I was napping, there were these bunch of girls chattering and laughing themselves off louder than tong, del and I combined. I very impatiently raised my voice at them and ordered them to keep their voices down. Thinking back, I was probably even more impolite. Maybe because I didn’t have my glasses on then. And when things are blurry, when you can’t see the faces of those that you were about to shout at, when you won’t be able to make out their reactions after you shouted at them, you simply shout. That’s it. If I weren’t napping and had my glasses on, the most that I would do is probably just shift to another corner impatiently.

Why are we to do things only when we know people are not looking? Or in this case, when we are not forced to face with others’ reactions? The eyes, or the thought of facing a confrontational stare, would most probably draw us back. Why do we weigh other people’s reaction so heavily, sometimes even altering our decisions to suit others’ appetite, or to make us seem more likable to them? I wish I could do whatever I wanted to, yelling out the muted cacophonies that dwells in within. Real loudly.

Happy Vday to all. To all that believes in love. And to those who do not, remember that God loves you. :)