Saturday, April 25


It’s all in your mind. For the past few days, I wake up with couts, equilibrium constants, and lac operons. So heavy headed that I wished that I’d studied more, be more prepared, and started revision earlier. The mind is threatening to shut down after each paper. I would rush back for a quick nap, only to regret afterwards. And the vicious cycle continues.

All of a sudden, after the last paper, it all came back. Things that gets into your nerves seemed to start evaporating out of the boiling water, it is as if the boiling point is finally reached, everything starts cooling down. And it felt more rejuvenated than ever. Even went for training with bustling energy! A list of things – movies, novels, tv series, starts to conjure in within :D

Did you realize that it’s the last time, most probably the last time in our lives that we’re sitting in that very hall for an exam? I wanted to talk about discourteous people with their bold attempts of discussing and sharing answers obnoxiously in the examination hall while the invigilators are too busy to even notice, but I’d rather not. It’s not the point, isn’t it? The point is, the end of this final paper signifies the end of something. Something at least. Something like, freedom, liberty, autonomy.

Summer sem is approaching. What a beginning to an end. :D


cout<<"I am happy”<<endl;

cout<<"Are you?”<<endl;

return 0;


p/s: new hair or new hair color?