Saturday, November 29

Chopsticks and A Bowl

Mmm... I miss this...


Although cy and I took a very very long time to find the place, it was worth it. It's located at some very obscure corner in ss2, in between rows of houses.


Look at the amount of clam shells we put together!


友爱 Noodles - SS2/10. Me love.

Wednesday, November 19

Welcome to The Zoo!

Few weeks ago, our biology class had a field/research/community service trip to the National Zoological Park. I remember when I was a kid, I used to make my parents bring me there every single time we're in KL. But the last visit to the zoo that I can recall was around 10 years ago I guess. -_- However, I find that visiting the zoo is even more interesting now than back then! Animals like lions, tigers, hippos, elephants, you wouldn't thought they're so fascinatingwhen you were younger.






We were volunteers so of course, we need to do volunteer work. But who knows got so many things for us to do la! My group was directed to the bird park immediately after briefing. And before everything started, the zookeeper at the bird park warned us that whoever is sick or coughing or having flu should just stay back, cos it is easiest to get infected in the bird park. We infect the birds or the birds infect us I don't know lar but I was kinda freaked out to hear that cos I was really coughing badly that few days -_-




lol.. the birds are more afraid of me than I am afraid of them

After dunno how many hours of cleaning, we proceeded to the research part of this project. And gosh, this was boring too. If it was not because of the live porn animal copulation I guess I would have fell asleep... which brings me to the most interesting part of the entire trip - observing monkey sex. Well... although they didn't practically copulate, although it was just masturbation, but how often do you get to see monkeys masturbating right.

Wtf. And those are seriously horny monkeys! I was only responsible for observing one baby monkey, so basically the entire hour was spent looking at the so boring monkey who attaches to her mother ALL THE TIME. But Sandy, who observed the adult male monkey, has a report which consists of 'masturbating itself', 'penis erects', 'licks female monkey's anus', and 'sperm on face eaten by other juveniles'. I swear. This monkey not only masturbated himself for quite some time, but he actually asked his children to masturbate for him -_- And they even groomed him and ate his sperm after he ejaculated. Seriously, that's how the monkey world works? Child masturbates father, eats father's sperm as protein shake so they can grow up faster izzit? -______-



Look at this erected, self-indulging maccaca!

More pictures of us so diligently and reluctantly cleaning...




Bird poo -_-


So close to the emus!!


So sad... they actually feed the birds with expired bread


Bird pedicure! :D and she's 40yrs old can u believe it?!

More pictures of the animals....





And lastly, our zoo keeps homo sapiens too! =)



Monday, November 10


I am lost. In my own vision.

Wednesday, November 5

Upon request by ms lumjiNyan, who blogs even though having the all-important sam finals, here's a review on JJ's latest album - SIXOLOGY 《JJ陆》.

Look at his lips! Too much gloss... lol

In mandarin it's 陆 instead of 六, which also means 6, not ground or land in this case . Here's the song list:

03小酒窝 (feat. 蔡卓妍)
06由你选择 (feat. 农夫FAMA)
07Always Online
09主角 (feat. MACHI)
12期待你的爱 (feat. 金莎)
13Cries In A Distance
14爱与希望 (feat. 重庆市青少年宫银杏童声合唱团)

Among this 14, a few of them were released way before the dawning of this album. Firstly there's 期待爱 featuring 金莎 (again... -_-) which was one of the theme song for the drama he was in earlier this year, 原来我不帅. Another one would be 爱与希望 - a piece he did expressing his empathy towards the SzeChuan earthquake victims. 点一把火炬 is the song he wrote in conjunction with the Beijing Olympics, which then got shorlisted as one of the many theme songs of the Games.

U know which is my favourite? The choice is yours. No i'm not telling you the choice is yours you moron. I mean the song The Choice is Yours (由你选择). I guess this song was the earliest broadcasted cos it was the backgroud music for the JFJ webpage like, ages ago. It was only the music and rhythm then, without lyrics. I really loved the melody to bits. Even before any lyrics were added. When I first heard it in the album, omg... the song! And I thought the world had gone mad because I thought it was JJ rapping in Cantonese. -_- But anyway, it's a breakthrough for him, really, to collaborate with FAMA and all. Not to forget, 醉赤壁! Very Chinese, very euphonioius, very pleasant. And 方文山? No wonder the lyrics sounds so much like those of Jay Chou's. -_-

A Sa is featured in the other duet in this album.. at least a change. JJ, we're bored of 金莎! But I'm kinda disappointed with 小酒窝. It lacks the... the x factor that perennial duets have. Maybe bacause there's not much harmonization between the vocals to make it sound like a duet. Another notable song is Always Online, the chinese version of Cries in The Distance. Actually you can't call it the chinese version of it cos it's not a translation. It's simply two altogether different lyrics incorporated in one same melody. It's been so long since JJ recorded an english song in his album. The last one in my memory was Now That She's Gone? or Endless Road? or Down? Which one first?

The remaining of songs are plain jj-ish. Cant find a better adjective to describe.. hehe.. just like how one can tell instantly when hearing a Jay Chou song.

Apples: 7/10

p/s: Kudos to Barack Obama for the historical win in the presidential race. America's 44th President! Finally a democrat after 8 years!

Monday, November 3

Holiday mode - off

Home sweet home.. it never felt more true. I have a whole 2 months to myself now. All the application forms, the dramas, the novels, the keeping-fit plan i had in mind, they finally can be done! I'm soooo elated. Life was more dreadful than bio class for the last 2 weeks. I can snap anytime, at anyone, anywhere. Seriously, anything can happen during exams... like say, taking your dirty bowl into the toilet instead of the kitchen. I swear.

Ok so last weekend cy and I went for the Sarah Chang concert. Since no more putput car... we took the lrt instead of a cab. And God knows why it was having technical problems. By the time we reached it was already approching 8, and we hardly have the time to swallow dinner. Anyway, we made it to the concert just in time, after peeing.

And even that was disappointing. She played only one song.. which I already knew but still... ONE! Sigh. And she had this habit of placing her right arm on her waist while she's not playing... and there was no encore :( Many of the audiences left after the first half. Personally, I thought it was a rather disgruntled sight cos those people who left, they practically show no respect to the mpo performers at all. Is it so difficult for them to stay for just another half an hour? Seriously.

When she entered, my heart gave a thump. wow. She totally exudes that aura of a celebrity violinist. Although it was only one piece, but that one piece was all it needed =) During the autograph session, I was shocked that a few of the audience actually know her personally! omg.

2 Sarah Changs in a pic