Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas

So I'm back from Macau. But my comp is not back... it's still at the repair shop :( Cy's lappie doesn't have live writer so the pics will have to wait.. Cant bear the trouble of uploading and arranging pictures on blogspot.

Blessed Christmas everyone! So much so that the wrold is diverging from its original purpose of celebrating Christ's birth, Christmas is still a season full of love and affection. After this year it's gonna be 3 Christmases away from home. Year after year I'd be secretly longing that someday I could celebrate it out of Kuantan Chapel, where I spent every single Christmas and new year's eve for the past 19yrs. Looking back however, it wasn't that bad after all. Although the church I grew up in is not any whopping assembly, the warmth of it, of just being there, cannot be easily replaced.

Guys if you're reading this I'm so touched that you guys called today, even from the other part of the globe! :D

Merry Christmas everyone, may your day be filled with love, contentment, and blessings. God bless you :)

Tuesday, December 9

Symphony for All

Introducing... the YouTube Sympohny! The first ever collaborative online orchestra. It's so so cool... I so wish that I can be a part of some fab project like this, something that I truly love doing, for no reason at all. But now, everything seems to steer away from this direction that I was once passionate of. That I am still passionate of. Should one go after what she likes, even though what she truly likes is not what's the best for her? But how does anyone has any idea at all what's best for her? Whatever. Maybe she'll enjoy peering down the microscope after all.

theme for the youtube symphony

I don't really fancy Tan Dun, but still.. Chinese pride. Enjoy.

Monday, December 1

Things I Discovered Over The Weekend

1. I can't sleep at 1am

My day starts at noon during hols. I missed out the entire morning, because I sleep so late at night that sometimes my maid's already awake and I've not fallen asleep yet. After being a night owl for almost a month, it is so difficult now to fall asleep even at wee hours.. except maybe for Saturday nights as I'll force myself to sleep so that I won't doze off during morning service the next day.


2. Application forms aren't so difficult to fill in after all

Filling in RIT's app forms really cheers me up. It took only 10minutes (minus the essay part). Serious. And believe me I'm not doing it sloppily. The worse part of this whole application thing is all the credentials that you have to submit. Firstly you have to apply for extra statement of results to be released from the office, and you gotta get extra teacher recs from a different office in which they tell you your docs are out but instead they aren't there when you go to collect them. As if that's not troublesome enough, you'll have to go all the way to putrajaya for that single wtf signature, in which only ONE person throughout the entire department can sign it for you, and if he's not around you can just jump off the building and commit suicide.


3. The eyes are indeed windows to our soul




A retinal image like this through the ophthalmoscope not only enables specialists to diagnose patients with common eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment, one can also tell from the diagram that a patient is diabetic, suffering form hypertension, or experiencing more severe illness like heart or kidney failure. More often, it is even possible to judge the viscosity of your blood just through a simple retinal image. Scaring on the retina is permanent and can never be undone by surgical means, and toxoplasmosis, a very common parasitic disease which contributes to this, is normally transmitted through cats (cats are a natural hosts for toxoplasma gondii and since they lick their butts after shitting and licks you after that, you're at risk no doubt). Beware of your feline!


4. Singing loud is difficult

Led the church choir yesterday. It wasn't easy to lead a group of aunties 40yrs older than you on average. It is even tougher when no one seems to be singing in tune, and the music runs 2 bars ahead the choir every single time. I find myself singing real loud, clapping the rhythm simultaneously like a mad woman. And the thing about teaching aunties who watch you grow up for the pass 19yrs is, you can't tell them right in their faces that 'aunty xxx, your key off lar...' or 'aunty yyy, can u sing softer? u think u singing solo ah??'