Thursday, July 31

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest Contd.

How often do you see delwyn low stomping and shouting? That leaves me no choice but to give you a gift too =) And of course, also to cy, because he's birthday is coming up!!

It sure is very tedious to me a law student. Things that are impossible to memorize! I bet you've experience countless sleepless nights where you have to put a toothpick between your eyes and slap yourself to keep awake.

Here's a USB Cup Warmer for you. I really love this one personally. I hate it especially when you finally get that question done and reach out for that cup of tea, only to find out that it's cold. Hopefully this will keep your cup of coffee warm throughout the nights when you need to burn the mid-night candle.

Also, I would like to give you a GINTELL eye massager, to relieve your eye bags after hours of studies. I remember during our high school days, you used to cramp everything in one single night as if your mind is a super computer. Hm if you're spotted by your friends wearing this in the middle of the night, just tell them it's a built-in scanner where you can scan through books without flipping the pages.

Promotes stronger blood circulation
Prevent the onset of near sightedness
Helps To reduce tension and fatigue
Helps To Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes

Cy it's finally your turn! I really really want to give you this for your birthday =( An Ipod Touch 16GB!

No more Imitation pods. A genuine one with an iPhone OS, direct iTunes wi-fi Music Store access, and a glass screen.

Er do I still need to buy you a birthday present? ^^

Wednesday, July 30

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest

The giving spirit! How fantastic izzit when you can actually give someone a gift without spending money. Besides love, laughter, and care, almost nothing is free these days. Even blogging. Because you waste electricity. Even sleeping. Because you switch on the air-cond. Even doing household chores. Because you get tired and you go to sleep and you switch on the air-cond.

With Nuffnang's Gift Ideas Contest, I stand a chance to give out something without spending a cent. Can I give myself a gift? -_-

I never realized Realmart has such a variety of products. From a usb cup warmer to a nose and ear hair trimmer, they've got more than you imagine. There's so many people that I want to give a gift to. Cy, Tong, Del, Subby, Ht... To be fair I'll have to make a fair choice, and I chose to give these give to you - Lum Ji Yan. Because you never fail to update your blog even at the most hectic of times, even during exams! I solute you. Although your entries might somewhat sound bimbotic at times, but that's just so... YOU!

Since your all time favourite hobby is hunk-stalking, I hereby bestow upon you an Aztech Walkie-talkie!

Product Description
- Talk range : up to 4.5km in open area
- Power output : 0.5W
- Illuminated Green LCD backlight
- LCD display size : 20 x 15mm
- standby time up to 120 hours
- auto power save mode
- key lock function

Eh damn cool right.
Yan: 6 packs spotted. 2nd floor Block B. Copycopy.
Stalker-in-crime: 185 spotted. 1st floor guy's toilet. Copycopy.
Yan: Guy's toilet?!
Stalker-in-crime: I'm in the toilet mah!

Now who says only girls do stalking. Start recruiting guys in your stalking team too! Well there's so much to see in a guys toilet that you don't get to see outside... Lol.

Another gift for you - the OSIM iGalLop!

I know how pathetic you are with food. You can now eat all that you want and start galloping at home! You know, just the thought of you galloping on that thing is enough to make us burst in tears of laughter and hysteria.

With that two stateof-the-art-cutting-edge equipment, I now pronounce you a professional stalker. =)

Monday, July 28

Events over the weekend

There's really nothing much to look forward these days. Mid sem break would be in week 7, which means, 3 more weeks to go. However, I still feel good today. After yesterday's disastrous attempt of getting a PENTEL eraser, everything seems fine today. =)

So, for those who are searching for something forward to, or plain bored this weekend, there's still hope.

1. Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 2008

The event every student should be looking forward to. This is an effort by the UK ans Council for Malaysian Students, held at Niko Hotel on the 2nd and 3rd of Aug. Unfortunately registration is closed a month ago so.. hehe if you guys haven't get a seat then you have no choice but to wait for next year. Registration normally opens around mid April.

Speakers list has been finalized!
  • Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Dato’ Seri Khaled Nordin, Minister of Higher Education Malaysia
  • Y.B. Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Education Minister of Malaysia
  • Zainah Anwar, Executive Director of Sisters in Islam
  • Ruben Gnanalingam, Executive Director, Westport Malaysia
  • Karim Raslan, Founder, Karim Raslan Associates
  • Dr. Denison Jayasooria, Executive Director, Social Strategic Foundation
  • YB Senator Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department - Law and Judicial Reform
  • Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz bin Ungku Abdul Hamid, former Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya
  • Khoo Kay Peng, Executive Director, SEDAR
  • Dr. Mazeni Alwi, Chairman, Muslim Professional Forum
  • Datuk Justin Leong, Head of Strategic Investments & Corporate Affairs, Genting Berhad
  • Dato' Ooi Sang Kuang, Deputy Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Ibrahim Suffian, Director, Merdeka Centre
  • Dato' VC George, former Court of Appeal judge
  • Mr Yeo Yang Poh, Former President of the Malaysian BAR Council
  • YB Khairy Jamaluddin, MP, Rembau
  • YB Tony Pua, MP, PJ Utara
  • Dr. Siva Ananthan, CEO, LTT Global Consultants
  • Nithiyananthan Muthusamy, Director, Northeast (USA) Malaysia Forum
  • Afendi Sustriwolo, Chairman, MPPK

Maybe you can now ask our dearest PM personally if he uses a Mercedes "once in a while".

2. PIKOM PC Fair

From 1st - 3rd of August, this considerably Malaysia's largest PC fair would be held at several venues all over the country, klcc being the only venue in kl. Coincidently, last year's MSLS was also held when the pc fair was on. You know which sections to skip now *wink*

3. Cy's Birthday =)

Monday, July 21

Paprik Lovers reunite @ Kuantan!

It's been a week since the last post. Since Fall semester finally gained momentum, I barely have time for a decent slumber, let alone post something. So, here comes the long awaited post of paprik lovers in Kuantan!

Our journey was a rough one. It took like what, 6 hours in the bus? You could've gone and came back to kl already. No more wtf SANI express next time. Not express at all. Subby, hy, yp and I reached around 9pm, only to find out that my dad was admitted to hosp for typhoid infection. sigh. Luckily it was nothing serious.

Day 1

Cy treated us on The Dark Knight in the dark night. Seriously, the movie was very impressive. I would have easily gave it an 8/10. The sad part is that we were all too worn out to actually enjoy the movie till the end. Instead of engaging in the plot, we were all hoping that the movie will end soon, which it didn't. It was a bloody 2.5hours. -_- Despite that, The Dark Knight did kept us all wakeful through its unpredictable twists, kick-ass technology and Heath Ledger's awesome performance as the joker. My words alone can't even do justice to how good he is. Even the thought of the joker alone sent chills. I really hope he wins a posthumous Oscar or something.

Btw, 'May I check in your phone please' - it's really Edison Chen. I'm right! I'm still awake enough to recognize him ok.

Nasi Dagang for breakfast! An east coast delicacy that I didn't know it was uncommon in KL.

Went to EC mall after that and *ahem*.. EC mall also can shop. Lol. Anyway there's no other place for us to go d lar. We were so bored to the extend of wanting to watch Red Cliff -_- Had cendol at MFC after that and chatted about ht's bf Joseph's room mate who is ----- Chew Yun Joe. This world is just so so small.

Initially, all of us thought that we can easily get bus tickets so.. we only went to purchase them the day before our return. So wrong! Almost all the tickets by various bus companies are sold out! Everyone went Ktn to watch Anwar izzit -_- Swt.

Next destination - TC! To paprik lovers - is TC overrated? It's your say. lol. The weather was great! It threatened to rain in the evening but fortunately, we managed to get back home before it pours. Ah yes, had keropok lekor to fulfill ht's crave. Guess what I saw at TC, a person drowning and was rescued by the life guards. Of all my life ktn I've never seen that actually happened! I even thought there weren't any life guards for real in TC.

Guess who's hand is it?

Mum and Cy drove us up to Pak Su for dinner but sob... it started raining during dinner time. So, after dinner, we watched Awake and Anger Management at home. Omg. Such thing as anesthetic awareness actually exists? Wtf? What about my consideration of removing the cysts? Do i need a mock anesthesia or something to convince myself that I won't feel anything? Omgomgomg.

Stuffed crabs!

Anger management... Is the film hysterical or izzit just Cy and I. We laughed at every single detail when we first watched it! And ht, you fell asleep? -_- Paprik lovers - they fall asleep anytime, anywhere. So, by the time our movie marathon ended, plans of facebook-stalking were simply out of question.

Durians for supper.. hehe

Had dim sum for breakfast in MS, followed by a visit to the famous-dunno-what's its-name Buddhist temple. On a Sunday. A morning that we should be in church. Well that's my mum. Lol.

Mum and us

That's our mini trip to ktn. Anyone wants to come? You're all welcome =)

Wednesday, July 16


I would like to apologize to 2 people, or maybe more... whoever that felt offended with my antics. Sorry!

Sorry Li Xuan for saying that RIT sucks. It's solely my personal opinion. Sometimes I really never think twice before saying anything. I hope what I said will not deter you from attending your desirable choice of university or anything. As if I am so influential. -_-

My deepest apology to Liz and anyone who felt that I left them out for the Kuantan trip. My bad for taking granted of you guys. I mindlessly took for granted that everyone knew about it and it is you guys who decided not to join. I just hope to let you know that everyone is welcome and there's no discrimination in hospitality or whatsoever. Sorry.

Also, sorry to myself for eating so much choki-choki lately. Sorry for exacerbating my already messed-up diet.

Monday, July 14

A New Cam!

Last weekend was a pretty eventful one. As usual, weekends = movies + play + food. I hope I don't regret it cos I totally screwed up last sem. Yes it was summer. Yes I had only 2hours of class everyday. No I didn't do well for Cal1. Maybe concert on the night before finals and pumping dramas like I have all the time in the world wasn't the best idea after all.

So, last Saturday...

HSBC Piano Classics Competition finals. Woke up at 7 just to make it to the comp on time which was at 10am. We reached Sentul station around 9.30, which I thought would be freaking early but guess what, it took nearly half an hour for the cab to make it to KLPac. It really amazed me how would the cab drivers all not know of the place when it is just BESIDE the KTM station. You can literally walk across the tracks to reach it if you dare!

That's it. We were late by 5mins+ and the comp started. Missed the 1st contestant. Luckily she didn't win. hah. The winner played Chopin's Concerto in Eminor, which I thought was a really bold attempt. The first 3 finalist all chose something more chamber - concertos by Mozart and Bach - since they only had a quartet as accompaniment. Hm.. at least Sue Yi got the second place! It's been so long since I last watched her play. When I was 15, she tutored me on a Mozart Sonata for my diploma. 4 years since I last heard her play Mozart!


Camera hunting. Prey - Pentax Optio M50. Ixus80 was my choice initially, but after some comparative study and detailed experimentation, I've came to a conclusion that the M50 is much more worth the bucks. No doubt Ixus is great, but there's no way you can get the same specs and quality for the same price. Although mum offered to pay for the new cam, but it is me who who lost my cam; I shall use 20% of the recently banked-in JPA allowance. =)

trying out the smile capture feature. super cool. it captures automatically when you smile.

unfortunately, it detects movement. so this is considered a 'smile' too +_+

Frankly, it's my first experience of actually bargaining in Lowyat.
Display Price - 899
First store - 750
Second store - 699 (eh not bad... can buy lo...)
Third store - 650 (weeee....)

Journey To the Center of the Earth 3D @ Sunway. At first I was a little reluctant to watch it, I thought it would be really scary to see stuff falling at straight at you. How wrong and silly. Not all the objects would come running towards the camera right. -_- It was a fun experience though, since it's my first time watching a movie in 3D.

The plot itself is really ordinary. If it weren't for the 3D effects, I don't see anything interesting in it at all.

apples: 6/10; 7.5/10 (for the effort of screening it in 3D)

Wednesday, July 9

One Year

so, the new semester has started. although it did started a bit rough for me, being food poisoned and all, i'm slowly, unconsciously getting used to the new environment. i have to remain standing while the wind blows fiercely; to stay calm when situations turns invidious. that's how this one more year will be - to take the rough with the smooth.

last year seemed so far away now. so many things had happened. i met up with some juniors to sell off the books today. they've been here for only 1.5weeks, and yet i can see that many of them are having a great time over here. asking around for books, laughing it groups... cheery temperaments. that was what i didn't experience one year ago. i sulked and cried and lost appetite for almost 2 weeks before accepting the fact that yes i'm gonna be here. it was did not experience it the easy way. why did i had to go through all that?

until i went to class and get to mingle around and finally starting to open up to a whole new clique of friends. come to think of it, the first people that i got to know during the orientation week was sze yin, subby, ht, mei yueh, tim... who most of them ended up in the same class with me. i'm glad i have all of them. austin will never be as fun without any of you. 4 months. it's not a long time actually. but it's enough to cast unforgettable memories that we'll cherish always.

i know many people have posted many good bye posts already, so i'm not gonna repeat anything. to all of you guys who are flying - i'll miss you all. wait for ht, liz, and i ok?

Sunday, July 6


Tmr will be the last day of this summer sem break. It marks a whole year of me in Intec, and also a whole new year in which many things will never be the same again. There will be no more catching ups with sabrina in the bus, no more jian wei annoying the shit outta me, no more yokepeng, no more timothy the hyper active kanak-kanak riang, no more speaking chinese with syafique, no more seeing syafique together with yiling. Even huey yi the best house mate on earth is gone... i'll have to mop and sweep the floor like cinderella once again. sigh.

It seems that I'm moving almost every semester. Within this 1.5years, it's the 4th time already. All the hassle makes me feel really tired sometimes, especially when there's not much to look forward too. The only thing that never fail to make me hum a tune when no one's around or look at the mirror and smile would be weekends. It's the only time that I can escape to somewhere I belong more, into the hands of cy whom I know will always be there, to places where I don't give a damn what to wear and what time to come back.

I don't even know if there's internet connection at this new place. It's pathetic. But I don't really care.

This is getting so emo. Um k let's talk about some movies. It's been quite some time since I last did a post on movie reviews.

The Incredible Hulk

The hulk seems to be really friendly in this movie. And they actually took the effort to explain why the hulk's pants remain intact after every attack! lol. It made me wonder, what if your boyfriend is a hulk? You certainly wouldn't wanna enrage him.. Imagine you dropped his laptop or scratched his car, all of a sudden his heart beats really fast and he rips his shirts off and he turns GREEN. How's that. -_-

And Edward Norton... He seem to look like an older version of Shea Lebeauf. No matter how built up his body is, he still looks like a child with overgrown muscles. Still a fan of Iron Man =)

apples: 6.5/10


So, Hancock - not your average superhero. Really, it's not average. It's BELOW average. The movie did had a twist in the middle, but it did not get into the flow. It left you alot of questions when you're out of the cinema, which made the idea of Hancock more absurd when you think of it. Frankly, if it wasn't for Will Smith, this movie would be most probably be at the bottom of the charts already.

After telling you this, you'll still watch it right? Ok go. Go watch Will Smith.

apples: 5/10

Get Smart

I thought the cinema was freaking hyper when I watched this movie since it's a mid-night show. People should be falling asleep by then. Well it seems that I'm wrong. Everyone was laughing their ass off. Is it really that funny? Parts of it of course, the part where a mum shouts back at her son while her son is shouting at her. I still prefer Happy Madison comedies though. The fact that Steve Carrel is turning into a comedian just can't quite fit into my mind.

Hm.. but Anne Hathaway is sizzling hot =)

apples: 7/10


This is one of the few movies that I get to watch before hand, before it's even out in Malaysia. It our in the states in May, so you guys can actually download a TS or maybe even a DVDrip by now. As a student I would say the movie is indeed a very surreal portrayal of the lives a bunch of college kids. Especially the part where Ben Campbell was interviewed for a scholarship. That was exactly what ChenChow asked in the Cornell interview. -_-

If you have no idea this flick is based on a true story of a team of MIT blackjack players, it won't appear as impressive. But when you actually read about Jeff Ma and this legendary blackjack team who literally took down Vegas, the real thing would most probably be running through your heads while you're watching the movie.

Trivia: Jeff Ma, the person in which this movie is based on, has a cameo in the movie. Look out for the Chinese dealer where they knocked the table over.

apples: 7.5/10


Way better than Hancock. But I find this movie downright violent though. Alot of blood, and they gave the impression as though killing people is just like killing ants. -_- Despite Angie flexing her tatoos (which annoys me alot cos, why does she need to pierce every inch of her skin??) and gory scenes in which James McAvoy were beaten violently to 'make him immune to pain', you'll most probably be impressed still.

I like the part where they bent bullets. Can bullets really bend? Anyone can let me practice?

apples: 8/10

Movies makes me happy. So does peanut butter. So does Gelato.

Wednesday, July 2

Unnecessarily Necessary

i went to the doctor the other day. a new doctor, in fact... just for a second advice. since the surgeon that i've been seeing all these years just told me repeatedly that there's nothing to worry, my parents decided that we should see some other doctors just in case. it's been 3 years already, and there's no significant or visible improvement, and now, it is enlarging significantly. it IS imperative at this point for someone to do something, not just to sit there giving comments like my mum is overly concerned.

the cyst around my thyroid glad is now freaking gargantuan and humungusly large, with a diameter of 3.8cm. it's almost twice the size 3 years ago. depite this i'm still not too worried at this point cos the doctor before this told me it'll downsize naturally as i grow older. even if it doesn't (as in my case), it wouldn't cause any serious harm.

so, when this current doctor told me that there is a 15% chance of it turning into malignant, my heart nearly stopped beating. 15% is quite a probability. wtf. BUT, since mine is fluid-based, the probability is reduced to 2-3%. phew. still, according to what he said, if after 3 times of extracting the fluid and it still grows back, then half of the thyroid gland has to be removed. :( sigh... first it was the tonsil, and now my thyroids too? it's really depressing.

frankly, i'm not afriad of extracting the fluid or blood tests or anything. but a surgery around your neck? that sounds scary. as in freaking scary. i've already extracted it for 2 times, but the doc said i could start all over again cos that's way too long ago. in fact, after extracting, the doctor should follow up within 2months. so, lesson learned - always seek a second opinion, necessary or unnecessary. in this case, the situation has turned from necessarily unnecessary into unnecessarily necessary.