Monday, May 25

Counting Days Off

The weather has been so hot lately. For everyday in Akasia I could hardly get a decent night sleep. I stare turn flip around the bed for the most of the night. Sigh.

And I’m not going to Redang anyway. How frustrating is that. Njt I so wanna see u and your joel again (or just so to tease u guys :P) and I so wanna spent this last holiday with u Satlaisers! Maybe u guys haven’t got the news.. the reason I’m not going is my graduation night and ceremony both falls on 18th and 19th of June. Ok I can miss that prom thing but there’s no way to run off with that graduation ceremony lar… Sorry guys :(

Now that Intec days are finally approaching an end I’m a  little doleful. *gasp. i cant believe i said that* A huge part of me wanted this all to end as quickly as it can but 2 years is certainly enough to at least leave some vestiges in you. There are days that I fall sick and had to walk to the clinic alone half dead; there are days that we laughed so loud in class I wished these were my classmates forever. This was a chapter in life that I was almost forced to open but there’s a tad of reluctance in closing it now.

Another thing is that, I’m contemplating between a Mac and Vaio. I kept thinking that if I’m ever gonna switch to Mac it’s now. Mac users, advice! Is it worth it?

Sunday, May 10

20 What?

You know you’re 20 when you

start to prefer movies like the reader and milk over pineapple express

have a penchant for biographies and memoirs instead of fiction

say things like “wah.. 现在真的是什么都有”

actually feel for victims of the swine flu

listen more of bernstein and verdi than mozart

think about the future more than when to go shopping

don’t give a damn about who’s gonna get eliminated next in ANTM

suddenly realize that your teenage years has just slipped away discreetly

and you write nuisances like these

You know, it’s sad to say that summer has been so boring. Maybe because cy’s not around. Normally I wouldn’t survive through a single weekend in akasia, but fortunately it’s summer and my giller study housemates finally loosen their grips and we went out.

Some random pictures over the past few weeks dating from my bday…




Realize the change in date? :D

IMGP1631 IMGP1633

While I was on the phone... While I was away on the phone... lol

Last week, it was my very first time going out with my housemates! Can you believe it, like for a year and we haven’t been going out? And I finally tried ktv with them. Gosh it’s so fun! It doesn’t matter if you can actually sing or not cos all you need to do is to scream your lungs out –_-




Trying to block Sanddy out.. haha



I feel hungry. I want that molten choc cake. RIGHT NOW :(