Tuesday, September 30

Moonlight Resonance

I'm finally done with Moonlight Resonance. In 3 days. What an amazing drama. All the characters, the vibe, the bickering. Although I do get a tad annoyed with the fact that they have to inject all the argy-bargy conflicts in every single episode, the drama has indeed been very enthralling.

With some of the most experienced veterans in TVB, the show just got better and better as the plot develops. After this, it seems that I don't have any series to look forward to at the meantime :(

Raya break is almost half way through by now. In the midst of indulging in canton and taiwan dramas, a pile of ruthless assignments are threatening to kill. Save me!!

Thursday, September 25

Idiosyncrasies of Ramadhan

It's Rahmadan! Ramadhan has never meant anything to me at all back in Kuantan, although the East Coast is indeed denser with Bumis. It's the second Ramadhan month over here, and I have to say, things so different during this fasting month.

One thing for sure, we can't munch on biscuits freely during lectures, or drench in gulps of water without feeling guilty because there's just so many people who are fasting within my college. It is almost as if we are awfully discourteous towards the Malays, without expressing any consideration if we eat in public. Well.. being the lousy person I always am, I still eat in col wherever I like. In fact, I am now gleefully sucking tubes of Choki Choki in the library :D

Another aspect I find unbearable during puasa moths is the amount of people in restaurants during dinner time. This, might be a different story depending on areas. In shah alam, people literally enter restaurants in throngs by 6.30pm. The whole restaurant then transform into such a chaotic situation that you have to wait an hour for your food to be served even you secured yourself a place. As if the situation wansn't bad enough, many went to the extent of booking tables, invisibly occupying the already jam-packed eatery, just to ensure that they can have that bowl of rice in time. Austinians - remember the Atusa buka puasa dinner that we were conned by Tim into attending? Anyway, we did have a great time despite waiting for an hour for 3 dishes. :D

If there's something that I like about fasting month, that would be the Ramadhan Bazaar. Ngek. It amazes me that how Ramadhan Bazaars are all around the place, it seems that they've come mushrooming out of nowhere. What do these people normally do for a living? Anyway, RB encompasses some of the best Malay food and snacks that you can get, my favourite being the murtabak and the wide array of kuih-muih that normally one can only get from morning markets. As an added bonus, prices are usually cheaper in RBs.

People in the States, I wonder how is the bulan puasa climate over there. Do you miss the Ramadhan Bazaar? ;)

p/s: I breathed a sigh of relief. The Bio report has been submitted and finally, I am ready for a break.

Saturday, September 20

Piano Solos for Malaysians?

i feel like yelling. and bawling. and stomping my feet on the hard cold tiles. at the same time. tickets for the one an only langlang performance this season are sold out! less than 3 weeks after this season's ticket sales are opened to the public. ok maybe 3 weeks is quite a period. but since when malaysians are so smitten with langlang concerts? and says who piano solos are boring. i even heard people saying that eager music enthusiasts started to crowd the box office at 25th of aug - the very first day of ticket sales. no wonder i cound't check for seats online even 2 weeks back. i bet tickets sold out within a few hours.

seriously, pay the mpo box office a visit anytime, anyday. you hardly encounter any people, let alone a queue. a loooooong and annoying queue who fights over the best seats in this case. is it because of the celebrated appearence at the olympics opening that people start turning the spotlight towards him? ARGH!

the all time favourite

the airina's all time favourite

luckily i managed to get tickets for sarah chang's. if not i swear i'm gonna boycott mpo for life.

Friday, September 5

A Spoonful of Salt Brightens Your Day

Hm.. most of you know that I enjoy snacks more than proper meals. A pack of unhealthy, lip-smacking pack of chips makes studying bio and doing calculus seemed like a breeze, no? Recently I have some new found snacks which I will be munching off for a couple of weeks from now before I get bored and never buy them again.

1. Crispy Seaweed!

It's actually very very salty. But nvm lah... what is junk food without salt and sugar right! Let me try to describe it. It is unusually crumpled and unlike normal sea weed packaged, their sizes are not uniform. And they taste unusually salty too; and I mean, really really salty -_- You know what? Never in my life did I bought a pack of sea weed. I detest the weird odour that normal sea weed exhudes. The only times that I actually ate sea weed is when it comes with sushi. But this is totally different! Anyone of you who are not fond of this green grass should give this a try. Maybe you'll like sea weed after all :)

2. Koh Kae peanuts!

Once you start eating it, you'll have to sellotape your mouth to stop eating it. It's just so addictive! Especially while studying, one of your hands would keep on putting it into your greedy mouth and before you knew it half can's gone. After googling it only I found out that this snack originated from Thailand. It comes in several flavors - coconut, chicken, tomyum, coffee etc... my favorite being the chicken flavor =)

3. Twiesties Chipster Potato Chips!

This is a tad over-priced in my opinion. It costs around rm5++ for the large pack, and all of us know how potato chips are package I guess. You get more AIR in the bag than the CHIPS. Anyway, I prefer this over Mr. Potato because the sour cream flavor simply tastes better. Sadly at the meantime it only comes in 3 flavors - the hot & spicy, sour cream, and the original flavor. Hopefully they'll come out with some quacky flavors real soon!

p/s: Other personal favorites include those small bottles of asam, Mars Bars, Hersheys.
p/p/s: Yes I do live an extrememly unhealthy life.