Friday, March 20

Biology and Frogs

Sigh… I’m back at home, the connection is so slow it frustrates me. And there’s really nothing much that can be done without the internet. In one week’s time I’ll have to complete:

  1. A Bio lab report on microscopy
  2. Bio Assignment
  3. Chem assignment on batteries
  4. Dream Journal
  5. A freaking weird C++ assignment

The amount of it. AIH. I wonder what’s gonna be left of my hols if I really do finish these within this week.

Nvm… let’s not sulk bout those insignificant nuisances. MDG Season 2 is out! Haha the auditions are so funny. I solute them for their boldness and guts to speak manglish like nobody’s business in a reality show. And I love bitching. You know, the time when they get to comment on other contestants and express their disapproving and bitchy personal opinions on them.. that’s the essence of it all. Ok if you really watch rite, watch out for this girl name Danezia, cos she’s really annoying and ugly totally not right for the competition. Well then again, vote for her so that she can stay in the competition and continue the bitching. :D

k lah I gtg back to the tormenting biology report liao… seriously, it’s exploiting me mentally and emotionally.

Quote of the day:

Takkan Yang di-Pertuan Agong mahu dengar cakap katak.” – Dr.M on the account of Zaid’s plea to our leadership transition. HAHAHAHAHA tat’s so freaking funny. :X

Saturday, March 14

Apartmental Shock

Ugh. Been itching to blog for quite some time but don’t have my memory card with me then. I wanted to post something bout vday for so long now it’s already been a month. hehe.

Anyway, I’m still gonna voice out to you guys that thou shall never eat at The Apartment. Cy and I checked the valentine’s menu out the night before and we thought it was quite a decent place so we sooooo mistakenly made a reservation. Seriously, none of the courses were even close to satisfying. Even desserts.

For starters, we had some kinda seafood soup which was totally unexpected. Unexpected as in, it turns out to be pretty oriental, tomyum-like to be precise. Or the soup when you cook tomyum-flavored maggi. –_- We had a choice between chicken or fish for the main course and we decided on fish because it sounded nice on the menu. SO WRONG. Firstly it’s a tad overcooked, and the herbs doesn’t blend in with the gravy at all. At this point of the dinner, I’m not sure if it was because of the soup or the latte, or the mixture of both, my stomach began to cramp in a spasm of agony that lasted throughout the dinner. Sigh


didn't even bother to take much pictures...

Very disappointing indeed. Nvm lah. First and last. Nah some happy pictures! :D



haha this is so funny..

p/s: YESYESYES we got jogoya vouchers for 15bucks!!! YAY i’m gonna have some good food!