Tuesday, May 27

Earthquakes @ Swenson's

Dinner at Swenson's yesterday - Tim's treat. Hah just a simple slip of tongue and he's hunted for life. How come they serve such a huge chunk when you order chicken and such diminutive portions when you order fish? I thought my salmon looked like fish fingers.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

Highlight of the day - EarthquakeS. Not Earthquake, but EarthquakeSSS!

Some of our favourites...
1. Lime - Dish washer flavor
2. Mint - Toothpaste flavor
3. Pistachio - *nothing to say*
Apparently I didn't know guys actually love cherries. I don't quite get how can anyone love cherries. It tastes worst than... pistachio.

Lesson learned : Not to order anything green when it comes to ice creams. Anyway, dinner was great. It's been quite some time since Austin had a gathering. Although not all were present (If they were, Tim would have literally died), it was still pretty fun. We had our Austin-laughs as usual, and not to forget, digging out who-said-what-about-who secrets from the guys.

Everything went well until... Hui Theng's series of unfortunate events began to unfold.
First unfortunate event
Ht, Yoke Peng, Hafiz and I were in a same cab back to Cemara. In the midst of bargaining, it suddenly broke down! Well I'm a lil skeptical about the breaking down part. The driver looked as if he was just too fed up with us. Ah... well then. Walked all the way back to ktm station for another cab.

Second unfortunate event
When we finally reached home, Ht realized all of a sudden that she left her jacket in the cab. Well we all know bout rules in Cemara... No jacket/cardigan - saman. So Ht and I went back to ktm station once again in her car. Ok, that wasn't even the worst part.

Third unfortunate event
There wasn't even a single cab when we reached the station. No choice but to wait. Wait wait wait... wait wait wait... More and more cabs arrived and eventually, the entire taxi community (as ht calls it) were searching for one lost jacket. And you know what, we actually found the cab that we were waiting for. BUT, no jacket inside. Sigh. We all guessed that she must have left it in that first cab who broke down.

Wrong. She dropped it along the road while walking back to the hostel.

Monday, May 26

Fishing My Way to Made of Honour

Play a simple fishing game and you stand a chance to win an 8 course meal at the exquisite JW Marriott and a premier of Made of Honour! Contest open exclusively for nuffnangers. A simple fishing game. How difficult can that be. V-E-R-Y difficult!

very focused... very focused...

eyes popping out...

Seriously, I din know I suck so badly at fishing. I've completed Feeding Frenzy and many of those fishing games! But this was quite a challenge... At my first few attempts, I scored a mere 3000-4000grams. Pathetic. When I saw ppl scoring over 20,000grams, I thought my chances were near 0. To have a score over 20k, you must catch at least 55-65 fishes.

For the pass two weeks, I got from this

to this

to this

Is that all I have???!! Certainly not.

22950. The highest I can get. The moment I raked 20k, I decided it's time to stop and study calculus. :)

p/s: Some tips on playing the game -
  1. Catch those fishes which swim faster first.
  2. Do not underestimate small fishes! Catch everything if you can.
  3. If you can't, catch only bigger fishes and sacrifice the small ones.
  4. If you still can't, stop trying. There's no way you're gonna win the contest.

Sunday, May 25

Regrets over the week

Did not study more - Had Mon, Tues, and Wed off but spent most of the time on dramas and playing Flipflopflippy. If only I studied more, then I would be able to prove that freaking long dy/dx question. Flipflopflippy is the thief of time.

Did the BigMac Chant earlier - I've been chanting it at home perfectly! Why didn't I do the chant earlier? Why do I have to go to McD prepared, only to realize that it's over.

Ate too much - Been eating sooooOooo much lately. Especially this week - lunch + dinner + supper everyday. Chose durians and coconut drink over grapes and apples.

Sleeping late - 2 hours of class per day and I still sleep at 2 every night. So wrong... No wonder my skin is looking as dull as ever.

Hair treatment - Shouldn't have done it. Hair still feels as crappy as ever.

Watched Ah Long Pte - Overrated, overrated, overrated. Seriously, I think Follow the Law is much better. Maybe watching it at 1.30am wasn't a good idea. The movie was funny no doubt, but parts of it are just l-a-m-e.

Wednesday, May 21

JPA's new policy

Time really flies. Last year, I remember when I heard of the results, mum was ecstatic to the extend of telling my maid about it because she was the only one at home. Whereas, I had some sorta mixed emotions, because that means bye bye Taylor's and here comes boring Shah Alam. And it's been a year since then.

JPA scholarship results were released on the 11th of May, and it's really great to hear that they've increased the number of grants by 200, making it a total of 2,000 this year. Kudos to those who've made it through - you're the creme de la creme. It's like winning a jackpot, some might say. But to those who didn't make it, do not fret. According to Tan Sri Ismail from the Public Service Department, from this year, anyone who gets in to an Ivy League (America), Oxford/Cambridge (UK), and the Group of Eight in Australia, will be granted PSD scholarship (in specified fields such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Biotech, etc...). Can't believe it? Read again. I was pretty shocked too when I first read it. Full article here.

I can't help but feel a little skeptical about it. I mean, of course it is good that the government is offering more opportunities to students who otherwise cannot afford an oversea education. If you're not offered PSD at Spm level, the option before you now is work your ass off in ALevels and secure yourself a place in those Unis. Meaning, you actually get to chose! You have a chance of choosing which country you're aiming for. Ok, maybe not the Ivies or Oxford or Cambridge, but the Group of 8? We all know that it's fairly easy to get admitted. And there's always IDP, who does practically everything for you to make sure you get admitted, as long as you pay them the cash.

The Group of 8 in Australia consists of
  1. University of Adelaide
  2. Australian National University (ANU)
  3. University of Melbourne
  4. Monash University
  5. University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  6. University of Queensland
  7. University of Sydney
  8. University of Western Australia
As long as you're admitted to one of those, the scholarship is yours. Isn't it a lil unfair to previous scholars like us? I'm fortunate enough to be sent to the States, but how about the others who were sent to Indonesia or some less desired destinations? They don't even have the opportunity to chose. There's no either or.

I find this rather ironical. People who can get into Ivies/Oxbridge most probably don't even need PSD scholarship. Most of the Ivies are need blind, meaning even if the applicant applies for financial aid, his chance of getting admitted will not be affected. And of course, private Universities like those listed also offer merit-based scholarships. On the other hand, students who are less sound financially, who really need PSD, might be too poor to even attend ALevels.

There's another option. According to the article,

"if you get into a local foreign university (a foreign university that has a Malaysian campus) - Nottingham, Monash, Curtin, and Swinburne - you are also eligible for a PSD scholarship."

Ok, meaning,

Ivies + Oxbridge + GO8 + Nottingham + Curtin + Swinburne. How difficult can that be? Anyway, it's a good sign. So, if you don't get offered by the PSD overseas program, it's not end of the world. There are still alot of open avenues.

Tuesday, May 20

And the winner is..

Whitney Thompson

Whitney, the first fat ass model to win the ANTM title
Whitney, the one who broke down for the first time during the last elimination
Whitney, who claimed to have a black best friend
Whitney, who joined the competition because she wanted to revolutionized the modeling industry
Whitney, the one who swung her arms 100degrees in the Versace fashion show

Frankly, it wasn't surprising that she won. She's the first full-figured/plus sized/whatever-u-wanna-call model who made it this far. And I thought her idea of portraying healthy American women does sound convincing. Anyway, part of me wanted so much for Anya to win. Unlike all the other girls, she's such an angel. Look at what she said.

Well, the last thing we wanna see is Oprah joining ANTM.

Sunday, May 18

Chiki Premium

That's me on Chiki Premium

Chik chik! Last Sunday, cy and I spent 45mins walking back from ss19 to ss15. Seriously, it wasn't that far after all. Well I had a better journey cos I get to sit on the Chiki Premium ;) Chiki chiki chik chik!

That was the path we took. Burned a gazillian calories i guess.

Friday, May 16

Teacher's Day Dedication

I believe everyone is a teacher to someone in some way. So, happy teacher's day to everyone... not only to those who are in the teaching profession, but to all of you as well. I realize we don't even bother to credit our teachers these days. Whenever our results turn out to be bad - aiyah those teachers all so useless of course lah; when it's satisfying - I work very hard on my own one you know... Typical. Well, I agree that not all the teachers are worth mentioning, but I believe there are many more teachers out there who are still really passionate in teaching.

There are a few teachers I would like to thank. They created an impact that is to last...
  1. Mr. Chan - The best and cheapest add maths teacher ever (35bucks for 3hr- classes. Beat that.).
  2. Ms. Ong - Who petrified us all with the insane idea of power naps, and locking us out if we're ever late.
  3. Pn. Maziah - Who made our BM notes superbly colorful.
  4. Mr. Hew - Who taught me how to copy answers so efficiently because all he does is read out the answers aloud for us to copy.

Although my days in Taylor's are short, the lecturers there were lots of fun as well. Special thanks to...
  1. Ms. Ho - Who forced me to study everyday to avoid sticking to the wall if anyone fails to answer her impromtu quizzes.
  2. Mr. Hari - For all his random stuff during physics, and the one who made me realize that physics can actually be fun.
  3. Mr. Lee - The military-sergeant-turned chemistry lecturer.

And of course...
Lecturers from Intec - Ms. Deela, Ms. Syeela, Datin Minda, and Mr Ikhwan (thanks to you I got into pre-cal instead of cal1).

Lastly, to 2 person who had been a teacher, a mentor, and a friend of mine throughout the years...
  1. Mr. Khoo - Who taught me music instead of playing the piano; who had faith in me and granted me ample opportunities.
  2. Ms. Jessica - Who made theory classes seemed like a breeze; who remembers everything I did and I said from the very first day; who is always there to help and listen.

Mr. Khoo (Left) - Trinity-Guildhall Convo 2005

Without you guys, learning would be such a bore. Happy Teacher's Day to all of you!

Wednesday, May 14

of cheese baked rice and lingerie sales

How often do you overlook the fine prints because you're too blinded by the gigantic headlines?

Cashier: Thank you miss, 99 please.
Me: Sorry? I thought there's a 50% discount?
Cashier: Oh, the discount is only for your second item.
Me: Aiks really? *staring at him, pulling out another sheet of 50bucks reluctantly*
Cashier: Er so miss, do you want me to cancel your item?
Me: Can you?
Cashier: Of course.

Ladies, beware of the Marks & Spencer lingerie sales. :S

'What happened in Vegas' was mediocre. It's so typical of Cameron Diaz and the plot is just as predictable as any other romance comedy. But if you're seeking for a good laugh, it's yours.

Oh yar, Kim Gary came out with this cheese baked vegetables thing which looks really nice. Comments from Sabrina on her dinner: 'Black pepper sauSe is too spicy'. Anyway, spaghetti with black pepper gravy - what kind of combination is that?

Tuesday, May 13

Beijing Welcomes You

Yes, the clock is ticking. Every minute passed brings us 60 seconds closer to the much awaited Olympics. 8 years ago, I remember everyone speaking of Beijing being chosen to host the Olympics in 2008. I simply did not understand what's the fuss all about. That's all I can remember. Now that I'm older, I begin to see how significant it is for Asia, for China, for everyone else who believed or doubted the nation.

I was in ShenZhen last December. Almost every tourists hot spots that I've been around had a huge clock counting down to China's big day. Maybe I was too young to feel the vibes when Malaysia hosted the Commonwealth Games in '96. But now I felt it - with pride. China will never be the same anymore.

Windows of the World, ShenZhen

Ticket prices range from 30USD-5,000USD, the latter being the open ceremony. 7million tickets are put on sale and 3 thirds are targeted to domestic sales. But still, that's only 5.25 million. With a population of 1.3billion, it means that only 0.4% of the Chinese would be lucky enough to get hold of it.

The Olympic theme songs were finalized two weeks ago; only 30 were chosen out of more than 15,ooo. One song that I would like to highlight here is '北京欢迎你' (Beijing Welcomes You).

For those who can read Chinese, take a moment to contemplate on the lyrics. Even if you can't, just listen to it. This journey that never was can clearly be heard through their high-spirited vocals.

【陈天佳】迎接另一个晨曦 带来全新空气
【刘欢】气息改变情味不变 茶香飘满情谊
【那英】我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你
【孙燕姿】拥抱过就有了默契 你会爱上这里
【孙悦】不管远近都是客人 请不用客气
【王力宏】相约好了再一起 我们欢迎你      
【韩红】我家种着万年青 开放每段传奇
【周华健】为传统的土壤播种 为你留下回忆
【梁咏琪】陌生熟悉都是客人 请不用拘礼
【羽泉】第几次来没关系 有太多话题
【成龙】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
【蔡依林】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
【周笔畅】我家大门常打开 开怀容纳天地
【韦唯】岁月绽放青春笑容 迎接这个日期
【黄晓明】天大地大都是朋友 请不用客气
【韩庚】画意诗情带笑意 只为等待你
【汪峰】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
【谭晶】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
【阎维文】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
【王霞 李双松】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
【林依轮】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
俊杰】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起

【容祖儿】我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你
【满文军】拥抱过就有了默契 你会爱上这里
【黄大炜】不管远近都是客人 请不用客气
【陈坤】相约好了再一起 我们欢迎你
【谢霆锋】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
【徐若瑄】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
【汤灿】我家大门常打开 开怀容纳天地
【林志玲 张梓琳】岁月绽放青春笑容
【张靓颖】天大地大都是朋友 请不用客气
【许茹芸 伍思凯】画意诗情带笑意 只为等待你
【杨坤 范玮琪】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
【游鸿明 周晓欧】让我们都加油去超越自己
【沙宝亮 】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
【金海心 何润东】有勇气就会有奇迹
【飞儿 庞龙】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
【吴克群 齐峰】流动中的魅力充满着朝气
【5566 胡彦斌】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
【郑希怡 刀郎】在黄土地刷新成绩
【纪敏加 屠洪刚 吴彤】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
【郭容 刘耕宏 腾格尔】让我们都加油去超越自己
金莎 苏醒 韦嘉】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
【付丽珊 黄征 房祖名】有勇气就会有奇迹
【全体】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
【全体】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起

As an Asian, as a Malaysian, as a Chinese, I'm proud. The Olympic Dream is no longer a dream.

Monday, May 12

ANTM Cycle 10

Down to 3! For those who are a fan of America's Next Top Model, the top 3 for cycle10 is now out.This season features a new judge Paulina Porizkova, a 44 years old Czech-born supermodel, replacing twiggy. In episode 10 they went to Rome for a commercial challenge and I think that's the best episode so far. You should really see the girls speaking Italian. Some of them sounded worse than a mak cik speaking Indian.

The top 3

Whitney Thompson - 20, Florida

She's the only plus size girl who's gone this far. Her pictures are great generally but I think she can be really bitchy at times. I mean, yeah yeah we all know that she's plus size and plus size = meat = stereotyped = have to work super hard. But that doesn't grant her the permission to say mean things.

Meat meat meat... around her and IN her...

An over sized baby

Fatima Siad - 22, Boston (originally from Somalia)

At first I was really touched by what she had gone through - being circumcised and all... but throughout the episodes, she came across too strong. Her oozing confidence is starting to annoy. The thing with her is, she tends to think that she deserve to win most, more than any of the other girls. And she creates drama unnecessarily. Now who says people who's gone through alot would have more compassion.

Fatima - Looking fierce and cannibalistic

'What is the hair i'm seeing under the armpits??' - Vandela

Anya Kop - 20, Honolulu

She's the bomb. She has this really funny hawaiian accent and came screaming into the interview room in episode1. She is rarely involved in any of the girls' stupid bickering. At the moment, Anya appears to be the most competent among all. I really hope she could win though.

Look at those eyes...


Watch out for these really... peculiar ppl i would say...

I think she's from another planet. Definitely not the feet-sticking-on-the-ground kinda being

She drinks her own breast milk for goodness sake!

Dumb blond. Period.

Sunday, May 11

Iron Man

Firstly, Robert Downey just screams out HOT HOT HOT ALERT! Not exactly that handsome actually, but his character was just so cool that it seriously didn't matter who was acting. Tony Stark (Downey) is the legacy of Stark Industries, which creates weapons for the military. He single handedly created Iron Man our of scraps in a cave! A cave, mind you. Plus, he's a chick magnet. The chicks just have a natural affinity for Stark.

The climax reminds me of transformers. Two gigantic robot-machinery-man thingy battling against each other. Cliche. Even so, it's still really worth watching. The selling point of this movie is not the plot obviously. It's those fancy hi-tech gadgets that made the impression.

For those of you who have no idea, the brainchild behind Iron Man is Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee, an incredible comic veteran who also drew Spiderman, The Hulk, Fantastic 4 etc etc...

Something you should know...
1. Stan had a brief guest appearance in Princess Diaries 2 as Three Stooges Wedding Guest.
2. Iron man was created in 1963.
3. The movie costs $140,000,000.
4. Most of the superhero movies (Transformers, Spiderman, Fantastic 4) were shot in New York, whereas iron man was shot in LA.
5. The gold-red iron man suit took Downey 40 minutes to put on.
6. Factual errors: Stark is said to have graduated from MIT summa cum laude, but MIT does not graduate people with honors!
7. Stan Lee is freaking
85 and alive as ever.

*five stars + thumbs up*

Friday, May 9

hiya earthlings

Had the account for quite some time now, still without any posts. Created it just for the sake of err.. having a blogspot acc? yeah yeah I know I did say that I didn't want to expose my private life to the world and all but I guess there's much more to blogging than that ryte? Summer sem is just outright boring. It's good to have somewhere to channel your energy to, especially in times like these where u have only 2hours of class everyday.


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Think before u speak.
Think before u write.
Think before u post.
Think before u name your blog.