Sunday, August 23


Anyone familiar with Mac Blogging? Trying out Ecto currently.

Monday, August 3


Happy birthday dear! Sorry I couldn’t celebrate with you this year but we’ll compensate that some other time k! :)

So I went to have a new hair color. And I so hated it ok. I told the stylist I want something with a red base but not too bright, but the hue turned out so dark it’s like going back to black. –_- She actually suggested a lighter color and told me that it’s orange base tho.. I immediately rejected the idea because I’m so done with the whole flaming orange thing.

8th of Aug is the date that I’ll be flying. 1130pm. At this point I’m still quite optimistic of it, although mum and dad has been pestering so much about the hazards of studying so far and what could possibly happen if I hadn’t take care of myself well. I’m gonna miss home for sure. But there’s a whole new chapter out there waiting to be unfold.. speak of the mixed emotions.


p/s: xoxos to the birthday boy :)