Friday, June 26


I can’t believe it

Sunday, June 21

The Climb

Yesterday, Hui Chin and I decided to go out and have a blast since it’s gonna be our last outing before I leave. Together with Cheng Khuan, we watched Hannah Montana, had Korean bbq, and the choc fondue for dessert! *drools*





Us with jaundice




Life is like a climb. Literally. For the first time throughout our 2yrs in Akasia we decided to come in not through the gates but through the fencing. So we came back way passed curfew and proceeded to the climb. lol. It wasn’t so difficult after all. We should’ve done this all the time.


IMGP2123 Victory!!

Saturday, June 6

Crashing Bore

Woke up around noon as usual and started on Socio chaper5. Spent half of afternoon reading Kholberg, Mead, Piaget, Freud and another half completing the assignment. Mondays are boring. But I love it here at home :)

Movies watched: Big Fish

It's an amazing movie. Filled with narrations and fantasies which brings you through myth and mystery, lies and reality. It is about a son who is tired of hearing his ebullient father spinning imaginary (or so he thought) yarns about his life. Even towards the end of the story, I find it hard to distinguish between the real and imaginary. It's like a whimsical, magical tale filled with bizarre characters that very often, we would secretly wished they existed in our lives. What makes it fascinating is the fact that it comes so close to our hearts and almost touches it. We all long to imagine a form of escapism of our own, strory telling being one of it.
Apples: 8.5/10


I completed the Socio assignment! Ah. So contended. Although it's only some stupid questions that I doubt no one would answer them seriously, I did spent a few hours on those. –_-

Movies watched: Frost/Nixon, The 40 Year Old Virgin

40 Year Old Virgin

Haha I know you guys probably have watched this. I wouldn't say it's great but it's certainly worth the time if all you want is to laugh your ass off after the exams or a tiresome day. I'm not exactly a fan of Steve Carell, however this is one movie that he actually gave out more than what I would expect from him. Evan Almighty does not appeal to me at all in comparison. Although risque and kinky from the beginning, it still presents a warm-hearted ending that fuffils the expectations of a romantic comedy. My favourite punch line - 'why do you always ask me to fuck a goat??!' ROFL!!!
Apples: 7.5/10


The thing about a comedy is, you don't really need subtitles for it because they speak so much and it wouldn't matter if you miss a line or two. But if I missed out lines in this movie, it would be pointless to watch it altogether. I don't know if Richard Nixon really speaks that way but Frank Langella's speech was particularly slurred and with awful elocution. Maybe that's a way to portray his character with more depth, as the entire movie is about his despair, despondency, and guilt-ridden interview with David Frost after his disgrace as President. What did Langella captured amazingly well is Nixon's cunning, paranoia, failed charm, and inescapable sadness. Nevertheless, it does deserve all the Oscar buzz.

Apples: 8.5/10


Not much to say either so I'll skip straight to the reviews. :D

Movies watched: About A Boy

This movie is an adaptation of Nick Hornby's third novel - About A Boy. I've never liked Hugh Grant. He gives us the same thing over and over again. It's like, after watching one of his films you'll know what exactly to expect from him. I don't know if there's a more profound message that the whole movie is trying to convey, it certainly didn't reach me. It's only worth watching if you need a candy for the day just because you know it'll end well. And the worse part is throughout the entire movie I didn't even laugh. Where have all the British humor gone to... :(
Apples: 4/10


Practiced the piano. I'm so innocent la.. thought that I can at least do 5 pages with the Scherzo. Turns out I can only manage 2. In one and a half hours. Argh I'm really rusting.

Movies watched: Revolutionary Road, Superbad

Revolutionary Road

The title tricked me! I thought it must have something to do with immigration, change, or a metamorphosis. In some ways it does actually, but it turns out to be the street that they live in. -_- This is a movie filled with helplessness, thwarted dreams, and the breaking down of a marriage. I coulnd't agree more with the way they captured how arguments can veer out of control from the simplest matters. Can't help but feel sorry for Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio). I guess the story is trying to tell us that helplessness is capable of sucking us out of our own existence.
Apples: 7.5/10


I would absolutely recommend this for a comedy! :D There were so many punch lines in it I for got which was my favourite. Like the many teen sex comedies, it's about 3 horny, desperate geeks who would go all means to get laid before heading off to college. Besides all the obnoxious and risque remarks, I believe Superbad is also designed to appeal to anyone who's ever found themselves in a situation that their friends is their entire world.
Apples: 7.5/10

It's our 25th monthy-versary and my parents’ 21st wedding anniversary! :) Thought of eating out tonight but my bro has tuition so we'll just keep it for tomorrow.

Movies Watched: Doubt

Meryl Streep is a genius. She definitely nailed the character. One thing for sure - it does put the viewer in doubt. It clouds your judgment and makes you doubt your own beliefs, your own dogma which defines morality, and it puts your ethical standards on test. Expect the unexpected. One moment you think you're sure. And then you don't. The confrontation scene between Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) and Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is Holywood's heavy class acting at it's best. You may have doubts as to which side to choose, but undoubtedly, I like this movie.  M.S should have won an Oscar for that!
Apples: 9/10


It's a few minutes past midnight and I'm finishing this post now with a warmest birthday wish to the bestest friend on earth Ng Jin Tong!! :D Aiyer I'm so tempted to post all the obscene pics  of yours I took during cny.





Remember this? Haha. So sorry lah can’t celebrate your birthday with you. Hope you have a blast with your dear Joel. And take more pictures pls!


p/s: Believe me, that’s only a fraction of what I’ve watched over the month. It shows how a despo person I’ve turned into. Any of you guys has good movie recommendations pls let me know!