Monday, October 20

Life as a slave

Sigh.. College have been so lifeless recently. It lacks the vibe, the noise, everything. Or maybe it's only me. I don't know. There's just so many unexpected distractions! Just when you've planned a good afternoon for revisions, calculas-ing.. Something will crop up and rob away your precious time. And so many redundant assignments! Seriously, I can't be more pissed and sloppy while completing them. I really don't see the point of having presentations or assignments when they know that during these few critical weeks, everyone will just result in plagiarising from online sources, or better still, copy amongst ourselves.

Stop me from ranting! Calm down calm down... *breathes in breaths out*

I thought slavery was abolished. I thought human rights existed. I need a turnaround for this helplessly assignments-driven mundane life. NOW.

Friday, October 3

Sleep, eat, watch

A typical holiday at home begins at 1pm. Just like every other day at home, I slept at wee hours and awaken by revving motors of the workshop right behind my room. After lunch, I did some Bio work, and spent an hour or so sorting and cleaning up files in my laptop that was all over on my desktop. Everything looks so tidy and organized now :) After dinner would be tv time, in which I loyally fulfill my part-time holiday vocation as a couch potato. What a quintessential example of my time spent at home. I tend to go out more during college days than holidays. It felt so comfortable to be at home, at the sight of everything just at your fingertips.

Oh yar, I watch 2 movies yesterday. 2 very contrasting movies in fact - Eagle Eye and Painted Skin. The former was really zippy, whereas the latter was slow as a crawler.


Eagle eye features some extreme, impressive computer surveillance systems which went cuckoo. I love the pursuits, the cutting edge technology manifested, and of course Shia LeBeouf. :D With more than half of the movie being police pursuits, the plot moved on meteorically without leaving time for you to take a sip of your can of soda. This was also the essence of the movie; the fact that innocent people are chased about by police simply makes you want to watch it more, no? Apples: 7/10


On a lighter note, Painted Skin was um.. to be honest kind of a waste of time in my personal opinion. After watching the trailer, I expected it to be something scarier, deeper, darker. It turned out that the most spine-chilling part was already depicted in the trailer, which appeared to be quite comical in the sense that, it was not so scary after all. And the music! Gosh, it was as though I'm playing some Nintendo game. Pairing up a supposed-to-be horror movie with gaming-like soundtracks were rather weird. It appears that this movie has its predecessors way back in 1993 and 1966, both named 'Hua Pi". Anyway, this doesn't make it a bit more worth watching. Apples: 4/10

p/s: Langlang's concert is off! hah why am I so happy. :P