Tuesday, September 8

Outlet Shopping 101

1. Do not bring a debit/credit card.
2. Have something to eat before hand. No one's gonna stop and eat.
3. No heels pls.
4. Shop alone or in pairs if you're traveling in a group to avoid wasting time.

It's labor day weekend! Just came back from philly yesterday. It's such a nice place. We arrived late at night on the first day, took the train on 30th St to Atlantic City and there's where the adventure begins! The lady at the little b&b we stayed in was kind enough to let 5 of us squeeze into a single room. Aih I feel so guilty now for spending so much. First time shopping in outlets mar what to do. Can't blame me right.

Philly is exactly what I imagined the states to be. Skyscrapers minus the horrid air pollution in KL. But I guess state college suits me more cos I hardly spend money here and all goes to the winter break/summer funds. And we had Malaysian food at Penang in Chinatown! Awesomness~ The fried kuey teow, curry mee, and rojak was as good as what we have back home. *drools*

So, it's been a month now. How's is it going? Ok as usual. There's hardly any major cultural shock in fact, but if there is any, it only surfaced when class started. Orientation offered only a mild taste of americanism as international students have a separate orientation week with the locals. For starters, not falling asleep during lectures was a huge turn for me lol. Not all the profs are good in teaching tho but most of them are. The sad thing is, alot of my credits from Intec goes into electives.. so I barely have time to take courses that I really like because all the elective credits are now filled. It's all gonna be core subjects now. How sad is that. :(

Speaking of core subjects I really need to get going. Actually this post was longer! I accidentally clicked something and the whole post was wiped off before I manage to save it. Sigh.

More updates on DC trip next time. Tata.


eL tInker said...

so jealoussssssss
i want to shop too!!!! =(

Sabrina said...

DKNY, Coach, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic??? omg, no wonder you spent a lot. I want to see the Coach bag u got!!!

Still,a lot cheaper than Malaysia right?

airina said...

eh, not all mine ok. haha but the coach is mine. actually i din buy like ALOT of stuff lo. but then still spent alot. sobs.

wEiYiEn said...

Hey, I was in Philly's Penang too last winter! Love the nasi lemak =D