Friday, July 10

Embassy of the US of A

Everything is finally done! Went for the visa interview yesterday, settled housing finally, and that’s about it. All set.




The over-the-counter interview thingy lasted less than a minute –_- That guy only asked for financial support letter and college transcripts. No questions at all! And he’s exceptionally cheery. :D I met quite a number of them from Intec – Pui Yin, Razin, Jamal, Hayeri, and Mumu. Initially I was talking to Razin while queuing outside the embassy, and some random uncle overheard our conversation and started plugging in. And so I was stuck with an exceptionally chatty uncle for the rest of the 2 hour process. He told me about his studies in the UK, about his children, about his nieces and nephews, about his travelling, about MCA, about nearly everything. –_-

And guess who I met at lunch that afternoon.




Mum is so short. Haha!

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A126 Counter 5... please wait while we will call ur number again