Saturday, July 4


This is gonna be some lengthy mundane post about my life in Intec so you can skip it altogether if you’re not interested in another uninspiring life story.

My 2 years in Intec can be split into many parts – there’s the Austin part, the living alone part, the Hui Chin Stephy Su Jen part. I can’t name which is my favorite as each taught me different things, each presented me with different opportunities, and each carved down lasting memories.

During the first semester, it was 2/203. My room mate was an AusMat girl, with 2 other seniors in the unit. It was the most painful experience ever, for many reasons that I can’t mention here. When the orientations began, I wasn’t eating nor talking. One of the first people I get to know was of course from the orientation group… There were Amy, Tim, and Sze Yin. Somehow I bumped into Mei Yueh and her friends so from there, there’s Subby. After that placement test I was so afraid that I’d be placed into some classes with hardly any Chinese! I remember everyone surging towards the notice board for results. Ah. Austin. What more can I ask for. :D



This is Austin. Lol I don’t even quite know how to start describing you guys! The story should begin here actually cos there were literally no memories during MMS. I began to open up alot while I was with them. That’s where the sleeping queen reputation started too I guess –_- And I started to feel inferior too because each of them is just so brilliant in their own way. Everyone is independent when it comes to studies, it’s quite hard to believe how we even kept up with that amount of time wasted making fun and cracking off color jokes in class. And that  moon cake festival celebration in class! With kettle, tea cups and all. Everyone actually contributed in some way except for me (wtf i tot you guys were joking!).




Some spontaneous class outing.. And where we laughed our ass off with that Eu Win the cave man with his lamb shank pic. I remember how Tim and Jian Wei called Ikhwan a million times to get out of their math tests for this. Haha I could go on and on with Austin. It’s like anything is possible with them cos you can never predict what’ll happen or who will say what next. We used to laugh so much. :D You know the saying – friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things? It’s not that we’ve been through any hardships together, but Austin is like a million antics, a million laughter, a million discussions, a million little things.


















The second semester it was 5/201. I stayed alone with Huey Yi then, but it was perfectly fine because the Austinians were still around. When they left, I though I would never find joy in Intec again. It took a very long time to cohere parts of me that left with them. I guess things only took a turn during the 3rd sem, when I moved in with Sj and Stephy. To tell the truth I was a little reluctant at first. Reclusion was something I actually loved at that time. It felt like an outsider who is unable to penetrate into their circle of friends. Or maybe I don’t even want to. I simply avoid talking because I don’t know what to say. Days come and go and the only thing that kept me going was weekends, where I get to spent time with Cy.




A week after that, Hui Chin moved into my room. MY WAS I FURIOUS. (haha I so wanna stab you hc for stripping off my already depleting privacy!). Now I wish we could be room mates longer. For some reason, I loosen up alot since then I don’t know why. Stress levels were constantly low ;) *is that a good thing even?* Maybe I should describe my housemates a little. Su Jen, who is the most hardworking person I’ve been with – like, seriously, none of my friends come even close – is constantly engaging herself into nothing but revision. Everyday is finals for her. But she’s so cute with that totally blur face of hers. She doesn’t get our jokes most of the time. Which makes it even funnier cos we’d be laughing at her. Haha. And did I mention she can’t miss a day of exercise? There are days when we came back late at night, while all of us were totally washed out, the first thing she did when she stepped into the house was her Yoga routine. Yoga at 12pm. Wtf. And there’s Stephy, the reputed Chopstick Sister of Sj, who’s recently not single anymore. lol. I always saw a resemblance of Tong in Stephy. She speaks and laughs loudly – as Tong and I would – and the thing is, she eats as much but couldn’t grow fat too. I hate you people. ><



Another unflattering pic of mine. Why do I keep on taking unflattering pictures? Is it because my face is too round, or too flat, or too uneven for the camera? –_- Hui Chin you’re unflattering in this pic too so ok, we’ll cancel each other off. That girl has got something in her. She can spent half a day studying for Socio test padahal we had weeks to do so. *salutes. grand master, please bestow upon me your wisdom* And she beat me twice in being the first to exit the exam hall! ARGH! Among the 3 I guess she’s the one that I can relate to the most. Not because we are the only ones at home that can’t miss an afternoon nap or we panjat pagar to get back home of course. We agree the most on things, and laughed the hardest on the simplest things. I’ll miss you dude. Just like how I missed Subby :(




What I see of Akasia everyday


Messy as ever :)


My notice board



My best friend the fan and I. Seriously, if you can survive in Akasia through the hottest of days I have no doubt that you can make it in Sahara. The weather can get so hot these days and without air conditioning you just feel like going around naked. Akasia is the only thing that I absolutely despise hate loathe disdain do not miss. Will someone miss living in Sahara? No. Will someone miss uber slow internet? No. Will someone miss crude and never punctual bus drivers? No. Will someone miss wearing jeans and a jacket to every single freaking outing? NO! Joel use to say that Tong’s place is a labor camp, which makes my place a refugee camp I said. Well that aside, Intec itself is actually a pretty conducive place to study I must say. The classrooms are nearly twice as large as those in Taylor’s. And there won’t be students cramping along the corridors we can barely pass. Hmp it’s such a waste I didn’t get to take pictures from the top floor of our library. It overlooks the whole college in all angles. The library. What a comfortable place to sleep study.

Lemme show you guys some pics of the grad dinner! I know it’s all over Fb already but these are different cos it’s taken by my blurry cam.


















There were people getting raped..


People banging each other..


And touching each other..


And little kids horrified…


And trannies..


And huge smiles :)




What a night :D For a split second the video being played made me wanna cry. Take care guys. Till then. :)


p/s: It’s been so many years since the last Federer – Roddick finals in Wimbledon! Me excited.


Jia Mun said...

omigosh im actually missing intec after reading your post... >.<

Poirot1989 said...

Hey! Welcome to the states! I'll start ambushing Austinians when you guys come! =) And I just realized, I never did write a good bye for INTEC.'s a year overdue. But better late than never right? =p

I better start...XD

Jian Wei

PS: Next time we have Mooncake festival again. This time, you boil the tea. XD

airina said...

haha no prob. moon cakes on me as well :D

Sabrina said...

ahhhhhhh, Airina, you made me cry! ='(

what's that about feeling inferior huh? you are the talented one with the super expensive violin =p

and the Ikhwan thing, omg, I laughed so loud when I was reading that part

anyway, I miss you, and I wish I can see you when I go to KL this weekend...too bad you are not in KL anymore.

come visit me in Penn ok? 4 hours bus ride is no an excuse not to come! and Miami in winter break ok?

Sabrina said...

oh ya, remember the guy who kept snoring all the way when we went back to Kuantan with you? it just popped into my head when I saw the Kuantan pics...

airina said...

haha YEAH I was laughing while writing too. ok no prob! i'll sure come one day :D wth that snoring guy.. beh tahan. -_-

p/s: miami it is! :D

huichin1020 said...

nah..tot i will nvr read ur blog izit...
i dy know u wanna stab me long time ago....aiksss..i got the same feeling too..hahhahaa =P

aiya..i will miss u alotzzzz too..
nobody will gila wit me dy in wisc..nobody panjat pagar wit me dy...haizzzz =)

jon said...

hui chin: we panjat pagar at UWisc lo...

stephy said...

yoh, my future classmate!!! dun worry, aftr hui chin is 'gone', thr is someone who will panjat pagar wif u again----ME!!! lolz..... *pity hui chin XD